The Witch Of The North


Burning Witches

Burning Witches backstory

Burning Witches have been blazing a trail for old school metal since 2015.

And the band’s self-titled debut sparked major interest from major labels.

Nuclear Blast won their signature and 2018’s Hexenhammer saw the Swiss ‘coven’ take things to the next level.

Vocalists Seraina Telli quit in 2019 and Laura Guldemond stepped up behind the mic.

The new voice of Burning Witches made her debut at Sweden Rock.

And Dutch destroyer Guldemond stamped her mark all over the Witches with a breathtaking performance on last year’s Dance With The Devil.

Swiss shredder Larissa Ernst also joined in 2020 and her sublime axe work is writ large across new long player The Witch Of The North.

The title track to this month’s hotly anticipated fourth album is further proof that Burning Witches are on the verge of metal’s big time.

In Burning Witches’ own words:

“It was a big dream for us, to finally produce a video clip with an acclaimed company like Grupa 13 and a bit of a bigger budget. 

“The title track of the new album was the perfect song to transpose visually.

“It’s not a typical single, it’s more of an epic grower. 

“This way we have visually reflected the song for eternity! 

“We hope you will love it as much as we do!”

The verdict on The Witch Of The North

Clocking in at a meaty six minutes, this latest blast of Burning Witches hardly screams radio hit.

What the title track to the band’s brand new album does scream is full-on metal without compromise.

The Witch Of The North — with its darkly compelling video — is a wild and wonderful journey into a magical and mythical world.

And it hints at much more to come on the band’s third album for Nuclear Blast.

Yet again, compelling frontwoman Laura Guldemond is the driving force behind a scorcher of a song.

And the Witches clearly glimpsed a glorious future when Seraina Telli’s successor was recruited two years ago.

A relentless and uncompromising vocal elevates this driving anthem to dizzying heights.

And Guldemond boasts the substance and the style to cast a spell over those metal fans still missing the late, great Jill Janus.

What’s next for Burning Witches

New album The Witch Of The North is released on May 28.

Festival spots across Europe kick off in Holland from June.

And the band is set to tour the continent alongside Primal Fear from September — Covid-19 restrictions permitting.

A rare UK show at HRH Vikings, in Sheffield, takes place on December 4.