The Shovel And The Cross


White Void

White Void backstory

According to those in the know, White Void were forged in the space between the occult rock of the 70s, the no-excuses-hard rock of the 80s and the British new wave movement.

The band members hail from scenes as diverse as the music they make: Norwegian black metal, chiptune electronica, pop music and blues.

And, as a result, White Void’s debut album Anti is a heady mix of mind-bending soundscapes. 

In the center of the void is Lars Nedland — long-time member of Borknagar and Solefald. 

He heads up a crack team including Tobias Solbakk (of Ihsahn fame), electronica staple Vegard Kummen and blues rock virtuoso Eivind Marum.

Anti is an album riddled with contrasts and references, musically as well as philosophically.

The concept is based on Albert Camus’ Absurdism and deals with how you cope with an existence that is, at its core, absurd.

In frontman Lars Nedland’s own words:

“Facing the absurd is overwhelming. Sometimes you just feel like digging your own grave. After all, we are here against our will!

The Shovel And The Cross is about the darkness we face while trying to figure out what the hell we’re supposed to be doing here.

“The video goes suitably with that theme as it shows my face quite literally falling to pieces.

“You know, normal, Norwegian stuff. It’s dark here. We try to entertain ourselves.

“Want to see me lose face? This is your chance!”

The verdict on The Shovel And The Cross

Expectations are understandably high as White Void’s vibrant new tune crackles into life.

The genre-defying Norwegians have pledged to reinvent rock on hotly anticipated debut album Anti.

And if The Shovel And The Cross is evidence of what’s to come they might well do just that.

Not since Ghost burst onto the scene has a rock band successfully managed to break free of convention and create such a uniquely addictive sound.

A heady fusion of stoner, doom and 80s melodic rock runs right through this monumental tune.

Frontman Nedland is clearly having the time of his life as he frequently tests his vocal limit and Marum’s fretwork is simply sublime.

Refreshingly different. And different is good.

What’s next for White Void?

Anti is released on March 12 via Nuclear Blast. Pre-order here

Expect another single release soon.