W.E.T. – Retransmission (Frontiers)

Welcome to every melodic rock fan’s favourite W.E.T. dream.

And as the Covid-19 nightmare drags on Retransmission couldn’t be better timed.

This is a wake-up call for AOR wannabes the world over.

Alarm bells will be ringing in the ears of lacklustre also rans.

And where W.E.T. leads the chasing pack simply has to follow.

W.E.T. Puts The ‘Super’ Into Supergroup

Any album featuring the combined talents of Jeff Scott Soto, Erik Martensson and Robert Såll must live up to certain expectations.

Theirs is a combined musical canon that fires passion and fuels desire.

Work Of Art, Eclipse and Talisman are three titans of the melodic rock genre in their own right.

But handpick three of those bands’ most influential members and the potential is limitless.

It’s like watching Ali, Tyson and Mayweather in the ring together.

Or enjoying ketchup, brown sauce and mayo on your triple cooked chips.

Retransmission Redefines Melodic Rock

Soto, Martensson and Såll are melodic rock’s three musketeers.

And Retransmission represents a swashbuckling start to 2021 for Italian label Frontiers.

Revel in the sonic boom of a stupendous album and it’s easy to understand why Soto believes some of these songs will be too tough to reimagine live.

Layer upon layer of mouthwatering melody is wrapped around a series of impossibly catchy hooks and singalong choruses.

And although Soto’s typically smooth delivery is flawless in every respect, asking him to deliver night after night might be a demand too far.

W.E.T. And Wild

Let’s be clear: this is a record absolutely rammed with modern day melodic rock classics.

Opener Big Boys Don’t Cry (some grown men will inevitably shed tears of joy when they hear this) is perfectly pitched at an audience anticipating peerless AOR.

And Call To The Wild is reassuringly reminiscent of early Europe.

The boisterous, celebratory Beautiful Game sounds like the perfect soundtrack to this season’s Superbowl ad break.

But it’s impossible to pick a winner as Retransmission throws up earworm after earworm.

What Are You Waiting For is a brooding, slow-building power ballad that would have had MTV in meltdown 30 years ago.

And set closer One Final Kiss is one last AOR embrace, as moving as it is memorable.

So W.E.T. your appetite for a serving of deliciously extravagant melodic rock.

And feast on some of Soto’s finest work for a decade.

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