Wrong Side Of The Fight


J.R. Harbidge

J.R. Harbidge backstory

Hailing from Cannock in the UK, J.R. Harbidge is a multi-instrumentalist singer songwriter. 

Wrong Side Of The Fight is the first single from new album Long Black River and hints at what’s to come on one of this year’s most talked about Americana flavoured releases.

But it almost didn’t happen for Harbidge after a technical issue meant 80% of his new material was lost!

And it was back to the drawing board for poor J.R. as he started again almost from scratch.

At least he can look on the bright side now.

“I have to say the songs turned out a lot better than the first recordings,” he said.

“So I see it as a blessing in disguise. Although it’s heart attack-inducing when you realise you’ve lost six months’ work!”

With more than 20 years of writing, performing and producing under his belt, Harbidge has never sounded better.

In J.R.’s own words:

Jackson Browne was firmly on my stereo when I wrote this.  

I wrote it on a blistering sunny day overlooking Blithfield Reservoir where I used to live.  

It was one of those songs that didn’t take much time or pondering.

It came together pretty quickly and the songwriting angels were out in force that day delivering melodies. I was lucky enough to get my fair share.

It was at a time when I was completely solo with no band and needed to write a song that would work completely on its own.

The solo was the challenging part. I needed a solo but had no musicians to back me up so I needed to make the solo sound full. 

As for the subject matter, the song’s about having a long-standing argument and you’re convinced that you are 100% in the right.  

You eventually learn that you’re completely wrong and instead of trying to save face and stick with your argument, it’s about being able to say ‘ok, you were right and I was wrong’. 

The musicians playing on the record are fantastic and I am lucky to play with them. The organ and piano play a crucial part in this song and that’s thanks to Pete Larkin.

The verdict on Wrong Side Of The Fight

Looking for a truly beautiful song to brighten up your Blue Monday?

This might be the Wrong Side Of The Fight but it’s the right side of classic country and heartfelt Americana.

And a stunning single looks set to announce J.R. Harbidge to a whole new army of fans in 2021.

Reminiscent of short-lived supergroup The Thorns, Wrong Side Of the Fight is rousing and reflective in equal measure.

Leaning on a luscious melody and Harbidge’s reassuringly authentic vocal, it’s a song sure to resonate with anyone clinging to a losing argument.

And Wrong Side Of The Fight sees one of the UK’s best kept secrets punching well above his weight.

As for those keys? Check them out!

What’s next for J.R. Harbidge

New album Long Black River is released this spring and hopes are high that J.R. will hit the road this summer.

Check out for details of forthcoming shows and to pre-order Long Black River.

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