Lucifer Kalder



Angstskríg backstory

Black rock n rollers Angstskríg are a secretive duo, shrouded in mystery and fiercely protective of their anonymity.

But the enigmatic pair already boast a number of powerful allies in the shape of established metal legends. 

Towards the end of 2019, Angstskríg summoned, felt inspired and rapidly wrote their debut offering Skyggespil (Danish for ‘shadow play’).

In the spring of 2020, the duo expanded their circle of trust with strong and crucial allies. 

Yet the Angstskríg story began decades earlier, when the duo was taken under the wing of a common mentor.

Though life separated the two and took them down diverging paths, where one pursued the road of knowledge, the other a path of entertainment, they never lost touch.

And after gaining a decade of invaluable experience the time was ripe to create what would become Angstskríg.

In Angstskríg’s own words:

“Musically Lucifer Kalder (Lucifer is calling) is obviously the most upbeat and festive song on Skyggespil with a magnifique solo by Fred Leclercq (Kreator, Sinsaenum, Loudblast, Amahiru). 

“And since it’s about the Dark Lord, the lyrical theme is pretty festive too.”

The verdict on Lucifer Kalder

Lucifer Kalder might not knock Mariah Carey of the top of the charts this Christmas.

But it’s the perfect antidote to the usual cheesy and commercial fare dominating December’s airwaves.

The pounding bassline and chugging riff create an atmosphere of angst while the foreboding vocal digs deep into the consciousness.

And that Fred Leclercq solo? It’s volcanic.

Angstskríg could give classic Kvelertak a run for their money but this band doesn’t ape anyone.

Theirs is a sound unique and compelling.

And as lead singles go Lucifer Kalder offers a glorious snapshot of just how far these mysterious newcomers can go.

What’s next for Angstskríg

Debut album Skyggespil drops next year but there’s no word on what else is to come from the secretive duo.

Two men (or are they?) of very few words are keeping their cards close their chest.

But witnessing the cult of Angstskríg live is a truly mouthwatering propsect.