London-based guitarist and producer Muca has promised to fully deliver on the potential of global rock collective The Beatflux.

And Rushonrock has every faith in the mastermind behind one of 2020’s most exciting projects after bagging the exclusive first play of the band’s brand-new video.

State Of Mind was released last week and today it’s the turn of the kick-ass complementary lyric video.

“Why not have a collective of great musicians as part of this project instead of having the same people play all of the time,” said Muca.

“I feel there’s so much talent out there and I just want to invite some of those people to be part of what I’m doing.

“After releasing the first single, Bleeding Myself, a couple of months ago, I realised I have so much more new music to come.

“There’s the EP and then plenty more tracks that I’m working on.”

Beatflux’s latest single fuses the heavy grunge of the 90s with 70s-inspired classic rock to create a doom-laden affair.

Enrico Minelli’s pitch perfect vocals jostle for position alongside Muca’s trademark fretwork to create this summer’s alternative anthem in waiting.

And The Beatflux are in prime position to soundtrack a tumultuous year with their innovative approach to genre-mashing heavy rock.

State Of Mind is out now via The Secret Warehouse Of Sound Recordings. Check out the Lee Waters-imagined lyric video below: