UK black metal troupe The Infernal Sea have announced the release date for their new album, Negotium Crucis.

The band’s third full-length will be unleashed on September 18 via Apocalyptic Witchcraft.

It’s the follow-up to 2016’s The Great Mortality, the album which helped establish the East Anglian act as one of the leading lights in UK extreme metal, and focused on the black death and its effects on medieval Europe.   

Negotium Crucis will expand on the band’s concept of medieval brutality and will explore the dark nature of the Knights Templar and the Holy Crusades.

The Infernal Sea commented: “It is with great honour that we continue to forge our alliance with Apocalyptic Witchcraft. Having worked with them closely over the past few years, we are keen to strengthen our working relationship, they understand what fuels The Infernal Sea, allowing us the creative freedom we require to push the boundaries of our compositions.

“After a decade of aggression, we welcome the next chapter in our blackened career.

“The world we once knew has drastically changed, we live in fear of the unknown. As proclaimed heralds of the plague, we warned of the oncoming darkness, a coincidence perhaps or strangely prophetic?

“The global pandemic is devastating society and with it the music industry is on its knees. We too have suffered delays at the hands of Covid-19, but we rise from the turmoil to unleash our forthcoming album Negotium Crucis.

“This album has been challenging, but we conquered all, delivering our strongest and most diverse work to date. Hail the darkness!”

The band have also shared the video for title track Negotium Crucis which features drone footage by Simon Lucas, additional footage by James Burke (The Noise Cabin) and was edited by Scott Kennedy (12 Inch Media).

Check it out!