Grunge revivalists Broken Machine celebrate the transformative power of an LSD trip on new single Fly Me To the Sun.

And the band’s trippy video perfectly reflects frontman Schyler Douglas’s blueprint for a tune steeped in retro goodness.

LA rockers Broken Machine are on a mission to repurpose grunge’s emotive core with the title track to next month’s EP pointing the way.

And Douglas told Rushonrock: “Fly Me To The Sun is about taking LSD and going through the transformation of shedding one’s skin.

“It’s about burning everything that was oneself and remembering one’s unity with the universe.”

It’s also a bloody good song.

Douglas has a history of drug addiction and was even imprisoned for several months due to heroin use. 

But after facing various trials and tribulations he quit heroin and went cold turkey following a heavy dose of mushrooms. 

He added: “Psychedelics are a path to healing and the government is well aware of the effect they have on people’s minds and the expansion and awareness they bring.

“So of course they’re made illegal.”  

The Fly Me To The Sun EP – due July 10 – was produced by Elliot Lanam and Broken Machine.

The release was mixed by Dave Fortman (Evanescence, Slipknot) and Mastered by Ted Jensen (Green Day/Alter Bridge).