Wars have released two new songs as they give fans a taste of what upcoming album A Hundred Shivers will sound like.

The metal quintet are doing things a little differently and putting out the tracks to their third LP in chapters. Only Monsters and A Fog of Feeling make up the first chapter. It’s an unusual way to release a record, but for vocalist Rob Vickers, that’s the point.

He explained: “We can wrap all our little communications around each individual selection of songs really tightly, and be creative in a tonne of different spaces, all over the course of this one record.”

This method compliments how the band like to approach creating their music. By approach it in stages, by drip feeding a whole album to fans, Wars will be able to keep the new songs flowing.

“To get to release what we’ve been working on, and even what we will be working on, over the course of this record, to be able to just keep putting this out as a persistent thing feels like the perfect complement to the way we write and create,” continued Vickery.

A Hundred Shivers continues with the themes As Within///So Without and it explores themes that Wars have only just started to think about.

“A Hundred Shivers began life as this expansion of the ideas we started with on As Within /// So Without, and it’s grown and snaked even broader than we originally thought it might.

“That idea of internal chaos and disorder reflecting out onto the world around you remains, and we talk within that about the relentlessness of just existing in society now; the impact losing yourself has on those around you; escape; guilt; fear.

“We’re still in awe of the fact we get a platform to go all in on these ideas and bring them out.”