Twin Atlantic – Power (Virgin EMI)

Is the disingenuous title of Twin Atlantic’s latest record meant to be ironic?

Compared to the band’s super-charged previous work this is about as powerful as a pushchair.

In fact there are times when Power makes the Pet Shop Boys sound like Pantera.

And yet, in isolation, an ambitious record represents a rather entertaining listen.

It would be foolish to compare Twin Atlantic to the over-hyped indie rock hopefuls Rushonrock first witnessed live in 2011.

This is a very different band.

And these are completely different times.

Sure, Sam McTrusty still possesses the passionate refrain that made Twin Atlantic such an exciting prospect a decade ago.

And there is the odd riff that reminds die-hard fans of the band’s more brazen past.

But Barcelona and Novacaine lean more towards classic Depeche Mode than Biffy Clyro.

There’s a hint of The Killers on I Feel It Too – a fantastic slice of upbeat synth pop smothered in dreamy keys.

And if your 80s vinyl has been worn to within a millimetre of its life then Power provides a retro-fuelled alternative to that decade’s more melodic grooves.

Twin Atlantic used to be edgier than a flight of stairs.

And if those edges have been smoothed and the volume dialled down then that’s not to say this record lacks charm.

It’s a work of art rather than a masterwork. A bold rebranding without compromise.

Volcano’s eruption of emotion is capable of convincing the most disbelieving of cynics.

And Messiah’s massive Sisters Of Mercy-style soundscape is strangely soothing.

The Power is in the project. And the project is all-powerful.

Band Image By Katy Cummings