It started on the left. ‘Ah, ah, ah.’ The right continued. ‘Oh, oh, oh.’ The band took it up to help encourage the awaked melody that was hanging in the Northumbria University air. ‘When I was a child…’ chimed in The Futureheads and everyone was transported back to those glorious 2004 years.

Newcastle needed some light relief on Friday night. This city is famous for the quality of its nights out but the election result had tinged the back end of the week with sadness and nostalgia was the cure prescribed by the four lads from over the water.

The Futurheads were in the Toon for one reason only: to play their debut album The Futureheads in its entirety and then add a few little surprises onto the end of the set.

This is a group with a reputation for being friendly as David Craig and Ross Millard led the banter with the audience – genuine banter, not just random shouted lines – in a way that connected with the room in a way bands should.

Everyone knew how this night would pan out and on gigs like this the nostalgia and the good feeling have to come together to produce the goods. Even lead vocalist Barry Hyde suffering from a bad throat – which curtailed the night slightly – couldn’t take away from that.

As The Futureheads counted down the tracks and got nearer to their breakthrough hit Hounds of Love, a sense of anticipation started to grip Northumbria Uni and then finally it was time.

‘Ah, ah, ah.’ ‘Oh, oh oh.’ ‘When I was a child.’

Shoes went up, shoes were thrown at the stage. Male shoes, female shoes, everyone was in it together. It’s a Kate Bush cover but they don’t care, nobody does. ‘Male shoe, size 9 ½? Your Mrs got unlucky there mate’ insinuated Craig with a glint in his eye and a northern lilt in his voice as the good times swept over the crowd.

And then for good measure The Futureheads ended up with The Beginning of the Twist and sent everyone back to real life with a bit more serotonin than they had before.