Parkway Drive have announced their documentary will be called Viva The Underdogs, which will be released at the end of January 2020 in Australia.

Vocalist Winston McCall said the band have always been about doing things the hard way – no viral action, not breakout hits – just tough work and talent.

“We are not the story of shooting star superstardom, we are not the overnight breakout success. We have a vision, and we have lived for it, worked for it, bled for it, grown for it and broken for it. We have sacrificed everything and compromised nothing

“This is an honest insight into what it takes to survive as the underdogs,” he said.

Labelling themselves as the underdog might seem strange for a band who have achieved so much, but there’s a fighting spirit about Parkway Drive that resonates with the term.

They’ve always fought for their idea of what music should sound like and the path the band should take and they’ve never backed down from it. In the musical landscape, that should be applauded and rewarded.

Viva The Underdog shows Parkway Drive grow over the last 10 years and includes reams of personal footage as well as incredible backstage access to the band’s live shows and tours.

It doesn’t shy away from the ugly stuff, the fights and the arguments but it celebrates the good times and the wins in equal measure.

Parkway Drive hail from the beautiful coast town of Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia but their music is a world apart from their home’s reputation.

Their six studio albums are all uncompromisingly heavy and tackle difficult subjects in accessible ways. They’ve also headlined some huge festivals across the world, including Wacken (DE), SummerBreeze (DE), Bloodstock (UK), Resurrection (ES), and Hellfest (FR).

And that’s not bad for an underdog.