The New Roses – Nothing But Wild (Napalm)

It’s a simple formula that’s inexplicably ignored by so many of the bands blazing a trail for the New Wave Of Classic Rock. 

Catchy hooks and singalong choruses might be sniffed at by those acts seeking to take their creativity to a higher artistic plane but what worked for the blues rock behemoths of the 70s, the NWOBHM pioneers in the early 80s and the hair metal heroes of the late 80s still works today. 

The New Roses mix Bad Company, early Leppard and Guns N Roses to create a melting pot of Germanic passion that’s built on the founding principles of rock and roll. Specialising in evocative earworms that peddle instant appeal and delivering arena-ready anthems with confidence and swagger, few bands do it better.

Frontman Timmy Rough sings like he means it – not like he thinks it’s meant to be. Live favourite Down By The River (look out for the bonus acoustic version on various formats of Nothing But Wild) is awash with authenticity and The Bullet gives classic rock a welcome shot in the arm. The New Roses switch seamlessly between party-starting humdingers and pitch perfect power ballads: four albums in and they’ve found ‘their’ sound.

2017’s One More For The Road pointed Rough and co. in the right direction but two years down the line and the classy quartet is right on track. On their latest long player, Can’t Stop Rock & Roll says it best but Glory Road could say it even better for a band finally destined to ascend to the big leagues.

Nothing But Wild is evidence of that simple formula distilled and concentrated to such an extent that it could represent a game-changing moment for The New Roses.