Danny Vaughn – Myths, Legends and Lies (Self Released)

Don’t be fooled. This is not polished melodic rock in the vein of Tyketto. In fact Myths, Legends and Lies is about as far removed from Danny Vaughn’s day job as it’s possible to be. But open your mind to the possibility that there’s more to the honey-tongued American than 80-styled pop metal anthems and you’ll discover music that’s surprising and spellbinding in equal measure.

Call it a labour of love. A life’s work. A long overdue opportunity to breathe new life into a storied career. Or simply call Myths, Legends and Lies the latest example of Vaughn’s criminally underrated talent laid bare and delivered with familiar consistency.

It’s all of the above and more. Much, much more.

Breaking free from the self-imposed shackles that have restricted one of the finest musicians of a generation to building a back catalogue of magical melodic rock, Vaughn introduces elements of folk, blues, jazz and swing to the mix. 

And it works an absolute treat.

Myths, Legends and Lies is, as the title suggests, a classy collection of fascinating tales and intriguing fables from across the globe with Vaughn revelling in his role as storyteller-in-chief. 

The spoken word is often as effective as Vaughn’s trademark melody on Last Ride Of The Sunset Men and the light-hearted yet poignant Point The Way. Opener The Shadow Of King John is a rollicking journey of folk-infused fun while The Good Life sounds like something Luke Morley might attempt when reworking an acoustic version of a Thunder classic. 

Something I Picked Up Along The Way leans on jazzy swing to set the mood and through all of these sonic twists and turns Vaughn never misses a beat. Having waited so long to realise his latest creative vision, the accomplished singer songwriter was never going to drop the ball. Instead, he has a ball.

Myths, Legends and Lies is not at all what’s expected of Tyketto’s flamboyant frontman. And that’s what makes this remarkable record all the more exciting.