Bristolian alt rockers IOTA threatened to break the internet after premiering the new video for My Enemy via Rushonrock earlier this week. Ahead of a summer of festival shows and the band’s opening slot with Gio Spano later this month we found out what top tunes keep the band rolling on the road.

Fleetwood Mac – The Chain

This band is pretty big influence on us. Fleetwood Mac are an incredible band and this is a pretty epic song. It just had to be in there.

Foo Fighters – The Pretender

Another band that’s been a massive influence. So many songs to choose from but The Pretender is perfect for a long old road trip.

The Smashing Pumpkins – Bullet With Butterfly Wings

The whole 90s era was pretty cool and made a big impression on all of us in IOTA. This landed slap bang in the middle of the decade and we love it.

Incubus – Pardon Me

When we look at what we do it’s clear that Incubus are another band that’s influenced our sound. Pardon Me got a lot of radio play at the time and still sounds good on the road.

Bloxx – Curtains

This came out a couple of years ago and we met the band a while back. We all love the opening riff – it’s a monster. Check it out!

Parkway Drive – The River

If you’ve been in the mosh pit at a Parkway Drive show hen you’ve been very, very lucky. But even if you’re listening to this in the car on the way to a gig it’s amazing.

Wolf Alice – Silk

We love the way that Wolf Alice adapt their sound on different songs. Some songs are really heavy and some rely on softer harmonies. We feel like we’re quite similar in that respect.

Biffy Clyro – That Golden Rule

They’re a pretty epic band and they’re inspirational on so many levels. Is this really 10 years old already?!

Brutus – War

We’ve only just discovered Brutus but they made a big impression on IOTA. We love the fact that they incorporate so many different styles into one song. Think an ambient version of Slayer…

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – Found God In A Tomato

We’re really into the Aussie music scene at the moment and this lot hail from Down Under. They’re just a band that’s full of riffs and stuff. What more could you want?