Tunisian progressive metal powerhouse Myrath are set to release new long player Shehili next month – prior to shows at summer festival staples Sweden Rock and Wacken.

Frontman Zaher Zorgati provided Rushonrock with a beginner’s guide to one of the most beguiling bands on the planet as he picked the very best of their groundbreaking music.

Monster In My Closet (from Shehili, 2019)

This is punchy, melodic, rhythmic and ethnic – in a word it’s Myrath. There’s a Japanese version of this song that we recorded at our label’s German HQ and it sounds amazing. I’m a big fan of all of the new music on Shehili but this one is a definite favourite.

Believer (from Legacy, 2016)

This is another song that has that Myrath signature sound. The strings make a big impression at the start and it’s an energetic, fast-paced song with a great chorus. I love the arrangement – it’s catchy and also progressive.

Beyond The Stars (from Tales Of The Sands, 2011)

For a long time this has been the final song of the Myrath set and for that reason alone it has a special place in my heart. For some reason it’s always got the crowd on its feet dancing like crazy but I’m not sure if we’ll keep it as the last song. There are so many to choose from.

Nobody’s Lives (from Legacy, 2016)

It’s a gentle song and it has a real spiritual quality. I love singing the softer parts. The lyrics are very important to me – they’re in my heart and in my vision. Nobody’s Lives means a lot to all of the members of Myrath.

No Holding Back (from Shehili, 2019)

In many ways it’s commercial, catchy and even cheesy – but not in a negative way. In my opinion you have two kinds of commercial songs: the ones that you really enjoy and live with you forever and the ones that you listen to three or four times before you realise they have no soul or real effort at their heart. This falls into the first category!

Myrath release Shehili via earMUSIC on May 3.