Rushonrock and Wrestling Royalty’s Andy Spoors caught up with one half of the inaugural Women’s Tag Team Champions, Bayley, ahead of Fastlane. Along with her tag partner, Sasha Banks, the hugger captured gold at February’s Elimination Chamber. In the midst of Wrestlemania season the Boss N Hug Connection have put the rest of the women’s division on notice…

Rushonrock: How different does your mindset have to be in tag team matches compared to singles competition?

Bayley: Man, that is a great question because it is so hard. It’s so, so different. It’s a whole different psychology and it’s been a struggle but it’s been really fun. Sasha and I have been so lucky to have The Revival (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder) on Raw with us. We’re so lucky to be such good friends with them, because they help us understand the why behind so much of the division. They teach us the psychology behind actually being a tag team as people don’t understand that. When you are in a tag match, you have a tag partner and you just know they are there for a reason. There’s just so many little things. We’ve had hundreds of tag matches, but now that we are The Boss N Hug Connection and we are the Women’s Tag Team Champions, we have to really step up our game in these matches. Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder will sit with us and watch our matches with us as well as showing us old matches that we all learned from. I can’t say enough good things about them, because man have they helped us! I’m excited to get better.

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ROR: Speaking of classic matches, it’s well documented that you’re a huge WWE fan, what is your favourite tag match of all time?

Bayley: That’s hard! I was a huge Hardy Boyz fan growing up. So as a fan, and because of nostalgia, the Hardy Boyz matches will always be up there for me – those TLC matches they had with Edge & Christian and The Dudley Boys! It’s a very different psychology, obviously, but those matches were just incredible, so fun to watch and very exciting. Sasha and I have just rewatched The Glamour Girls versus The Jumping Bomb Angels from Royal Rumble (1988) when they had the two out of three falls match. I just can’t believe how ahead of their time they were. They are becoming some of my favourite matches just because I understand it more.

ROR: One potential match that fans seem to be excited for is between yourselves and the Sky Pirates (Io Shirai and Kairi Sane) from NXT. If you were offered the chance to main event NXT Takeover: New York or have a mid-card match at Mania what would you choose?

Bayley: I have to pick between those two choices!? Wow that is so hard! I don’t know how to answer that. They are both obviously so…I’m going to have to say Takeover, because main eventing a Takeover is a huge deal and Sasha and I are the only women to do that so far. There’s never been another main event for the women in NXT so I would love to do that again and do it with Kairi and Io. You know I think we could have another match of the year! And then I could also have a Wrestlemania match and that way I can do both! NXT Takeover AND Wrestlemania!

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