Wrestling Royalty’s Andy Spoors is back to deliver his verdict on WWE Elimination Chamber 2019!

WWE Elimination Chamber 2019

Houston, Texas

On a night where inaugural Women’s Tag Team Champions were crowned and a veteran performer put in a Herculean performance, only one word could sum up Elimination Chamber this year. Emotional.

Pay per view events named after match stipulations are a hit and miss affair for WWE. Money In The Bank, TLC, Hell In A Cell. Expectations and challenges are rightly set. In an era where men and women will compete in their respected matches, coming up with surprises and an air of freshness must be hard going for the writers up in Stamford.

Capitalising on the popularity of women’s wrestling, the eventual winners and first ever women’s tag champs were always going to have to earn their way to those beautiful new belts. The pairing of Sasha Banks and Bayley emerged victorious in a solid if not spectacular match that felt a bit too busy throughout.

Tag, You’re It

Weaving some more in ring psychology and storytelling amongst the competitors would have allowed this match to reach the next level. The post-match interview with the Boss and Hug Connection displayed how much the win meant to two genuine fans of the industry, that strive to make the women’s division the best it can be.

The Usos emerged new Smackdown Tag Team Champs after a tumultuous week in their private lives. A frustrated Miz was eventually sent home after letting his side down and potentially signalling the beginning of the end for McMiz.

The Finn-al Countdown

Finn Balor bounced back from his defeat at the Royal Rumble to capture the Intercontinental Championship in a handicap match. Balor is at last receiving a run of matches worthy of his talent.

Another huge moment in the ongoing three-way feud between Ronda Rousey, Charlotte and Becky Lynch arrived. Drawing comparisons to the legendary Stone Cold Steve Austin, Lynch defied her suspension and injury to lay waste to her bitter rivals with a steel chair. The worst scenario for this build to Mania is an early burnout. Right now, fans are eating up every word and action from the ‘Irish Lasskicker’, but wrestling fans aren’t renowned for their patience.

Lynch Mob

Make no mistake, a triple threat main event for Wrestlemania seems nailed on, but WWE must not insult the intelligence of the fan base to try and prolong the storyline. Let Becky be a badass, unleash her on social media and watch the results.

And so to the main event of the evening. The Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship lived up to the lofty expectations. Featuring six of the best Superstars on the blue brand, eco warrior Daniel Bryan beat the odds to remain champion.

The real story was without doubt Kofi Kingston using every single bit of his 11-year experience with WWE to take Bryan to his limits. The crowd were fully behind the surprise contender, with high risk move after high risk move proving Kingston has enough in his locker to carry the main event.

The chants of appreciation did not subside even in defeat – Houston and the rest of Kofi’s New Day partners consoling the visibly humble veteran. It truly is testimony to a great servant of the company that he can come within inches of winning the big one and capture the imagination of the WWE universe in arguably the twilight of his career.

Kofi Break?

It wasn’t to be. But if the groundswell of support on social media is any indication, this may not be the last we’ve seen of Bryan vs Kofi.

Some great matches throughout but we with Mania just weeks away, the card for the night is no closer to being set.

And for those keeping score…Wrestling Royalty’s predictions ended:

AS: 5

JB: 4

RB: 3