Swedish guitar maestro Yngwie Malmsteen goes back to his roots on brand new album Blue Lightning. And today sees the fret burner release new tune Sun’s Up Top’s Down – the first single culled from a collection of reworked covers and Malmsteen originals.

“I have always played around with old songs, both live and also in the studio,” said Malmsteen. “I did a similar album called Inspiration a while ago (1996) and it was Mascot who came to me and suggested I do a blues record.”

“Now, I grew up in a classically trained family, and people know me for playing in what is called a neo classical style. But when I got a guitar for my fifth birthday, what I would try to emulate was the music of John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers – I would jam along to what they did on record with Eric Clapton (‘Bluesbreakers With Eric Clapton’ album). 

“That’s something people don’t realise about me – I do have a strong interest in the blues. So, when Mascot came to me with the suggestion of doing an album of songs in this style, it didn’t faze me at all. In fact, it seemed so natural.”

Blue Lightning is released via Mascot on March 29.