Hunter and The Bear – Paper Heart (Self release)

Genre – Rock

Hunter and The Bear are undoubtedly one of the hottest rock acts on the planet at the minute, receiving widespread praise from media outlets worldwide.

The release of their eagerly awaited debut album Paper Heart is fast approaching, and fans will not be disappointed. Paper Heart can be summed up in one word – bulletproof. This is an album for any occasion – a warming winter record, a feel good summer record, one that will pick you up when you’re down and one that will make you sing along when you’re feeling good.

From the hard hitting opening riffs of You Can Talk, the tight knit feel of Hunter and The Bear is clear for all to see. The song sets the scene for the rest of the album showing a beautiful combination of Biffy Clyro and Kings of Leon at the anthemic best, with big hooks, melodic sounds and a massive chorus that will blow away even the most seasoned rockers.

This style continues in Hologram, Who’s Going To Hear You and the title track Paper Heart, with a range of stunning riffs on show, all controlled by Will Irvine’s stunning vocals. Last month Will told RUSHONROCK that Hunter and The Bear are determined to be the best live act on the planet, and it’s clear that these tracks, especially Paper heart, were written with that in mind.

With such a fast paced opening, Hunter and The Bear take the opportunity to slow things down with mid album track I Am What I Am. Lyrically, this track highlights the incredible talents of the band, while Irvine’s vocals flicker between warm and soft, and ruggedly sexual as he is directed by Jimmy Hunter’s earnest axe work.

Following the soft, sensual sounds of I Am What I Am, Hunter and The Bear spring back to life with D.R.K., with a full powered opening reminiscent of The Chili’s Can’t Stop, before punching guitars, pounding drum patterns and a big, full blooded chorus kick in and sweeps you off your feet. This fast paced, modern rock sound continues with Renegade, before things are once again slowed down with the beautifully harmonised You Won’t Ever Come Home.

You Won’t Ever Come Home is the song that arguably shows Hunter and The Bear at their best, as it seamlessly blends the big hard hitting rock sounds with the softer, more intimate sounds that makes it feel like they whispering in your ear. This stylish song writing approach carries through to NickaJack, which once again sees Irvine’s gravelly vocals take change in track that is defined by musical craftsmanship.

The problem with trying to relay the quality of Paper Heart is that even if you ate a thesaurus, you’d still run out of superlatives to describe this absolutely breath taking debut. Hunter and The Bear hit the road next month for a full UK tour, playing intimate venues up and down the country, and it’s safe to say, you’d be a fool to miss out on it.

RUSHONROCK RATED – 10/10 Despite the hype, Hunter and The Bear prove they are still vastly underrated!