2016 may have been one of the most chaotic years in modern history, between the loss of legends and political upheaval, but in amongst it all, this year has delivered some pretty great music! RUSHONROCK‘s Russell Hughes gives his top five:

Hacktivist – Outside the Box

Social commentary that’ll melt your face, Hacktivist fuse grime and electronic metal in a way that few could pull off.

When a band fuses so many genres together it can either sound disjointed or come together perfectly. Thankfully, Hacktivist have achieved peak harmony and a noise that suggests they are going to have plenty of legs.

Royal Republic – Weekend Man

The Malmo rockers are the gift that keep on giving, but after three album do they need to change their tune? Not on this evidence!

They’re just as slick as they’ve ever been while lead singer Adam Grahn quest to create songs from the heart means they’re all instantly relatable.


The last ever release this punchy, ballsy and loud band will ever produce. There could have been so much more and their demise is a sad day.

FALLS have been compared with bands such as Pulled Apart By Horses and while they might not match the vocal fury of the High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive pioneers they’re certainly a group the four piece could rub shoulders with.

Wolfmother – Victorious

Wolfmother are back and it is glorious. You know what you’re getting with Wolfmother, and that’s just fine. A new classic? It just might be.

In fact, the whole record is jam packed with tunes that’ll make you want to dust down the air guitar and get practising.Victorius has more twists and turns than the Nile, each one designed to keep you wanting more, while City Lights andGypsy Caravan are just cold hard bangers.

Beartooth -Aggressive 

The most emotionally honest band of the last decade? Perhaps. One of the best hardcore acts around? Definitely. Beartooth didn’t just build on their debut Disgusting, they took their game to a whole new level.