@Camden Electric Ballroom, November 19 2016

Finnish merry metallers Reckless Love returned to the UK for the second time in 2016 proving yet again why they are at the forefront of the glam revolution.

The Scandinavian quartet treated the Electric Ballroom in Camden to a show of sleaze and a setlist combining the very best of their four records released throughout their six-year history since their eponymous debut album.

Within seconds Adonis-like frontman Olli Herman was joined by hundreds of fans screaming and hanging onto every lyric of anthemic opener Animal Attraction.

All eyes were on Herman who donned his iconic black leather hat to recreate his starring role in the video for Monster and faultlessly delivered one of the catchiest songs in the band’s discography.

Energetic Badass gave axe man Pepe a chance to show off his superior shredding skill and excessive riff-writing brilliance.

The band’s third release Spirit showed a sense of maturity with a wider range of songs including ballad Edge of Our Dreams which followed.

Reckless Love have moved into the uncharted territory of having to pick the best songs for a touring set, something made increasingly difficult after churning out yet another best-seller with the incredible InVader.

Scandinavian Girls and Rock It were two more songs taken from their fourth and latest release to showcase their song writing ability with a number of high quality songs sidelined for the Pretty Boy Swagger Tour.

Arguably the greatest and most successful song in a career spanning in excess of a decade, Night On Fire began with the iconic echoes of Herman’s jungle howls.

The first track off Spirit was the perfect opportunity for the hundreds of dedicated fans to join in with a song full of powerful licks, unrivalled melody and buckets of energy.

A brief pause took place between Hessu Maxx’s final assault of his drum kit and the gang regrouping on stage before bidding farewell with We Are The Weekend and overtly cheesy song Hot.

Since embarking on the Reckless Love journey in 2001 the four friends have enjoyed underground success with releases closely regarded as the rejuvenation of hair metal.

They have sold out shows across Europe in small settings with packed out crowds arriving after their heavy metal pilgrimage borne out of loyalty.

With their undoubted ability and sheer class Reckless Love should see themselves propelled into the spotlight formerly cast upon the likes of Motley Crüe and Kiss.

The super Finnish foursome have been flying the flag for glam and are on the road to sleaze stardom.

Guy Bell