The Answer – Solas (Napalm)

Genre: Classic Rock

Webstore Exclusive Gatefold Double Gold Vinyl


Even we’re sick of describing The Answer as classic rock’s next big thing. Not because they’ve slipped below previously sparkling standards in any way whatsoever: it’s simply a case of accepting the fact that if the masses still don’t get that this band is one of the best things to happen to British blues-based rock in 20 years then they never will.

And Solas could be their best yet. It’s brave. It’s buoyant. It’s bloody brilliant. Shades of The Answer’s past colour tunes like Being Begotten (check out Paul Mahon’s emotive intro.) and the Thin Lizzy-inspired Left Me Standing but this sensational record serves up a kaleidoscope of brand new takes on the band’s high definition past.

That The Answer has the balls to kick things off with the Celtic-influenced title track is worthy of a manly pat on the back. At first glance it’s not the natural choice but immerse yourself in Solas‘ richly creative landscape and everything becomes reassuringly clear.

The Americana-meets-country rock  of Demon Driven Man is deliciously diverting while the six minute-plus folk anthem that is Battle Cry could move grown men to tears. Frontman Cormac Neeson has never, ever sounded so convincing. So self-assured. So compelling.

Untrue Colour‘s pounding, fuzzy riff ushers in what many will interpret as a tribute to the late, great David Bowie but its much more than that. Again, it’s a different Answer. Is it The Answer? Only time will tell. And as for In This Land? Is this heaven?

There’s so much to love about this double disc treasure on suitably shiny gold vinyl and the band’s co-headline tour with The Dead Daisies just can’t come soon enough. The Answer have done many memorable, mind-blowing things during the last decade but they’ve never done anything quite like Solas. Wow.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 10/10 Solas-Kicking