Truckfighters – V (Century Media)

Genre: Stoner Rock/Hard Rock

For those of us accustomed to Truckfighters’ fuzzed out, spliffing brand of rock ‘n’ roll, V might be a bit of a surprise, for much of the Swedes’ fifth full length offers a pretty mellow high. Eight minute-plus opener Calm Before the Storm, for instance, takes an age to get down and dirty while Storyline drifts in and out of gentle, acoustic waters for much of its duration. Anyone looking for something as ballsy as Desert Cruiser won’t find it here and a few tracks – though intelligently constructed – frustratingly lose their direction.

Nevertheless, Truckfighters still have some clout and their sun-kissed, Kyuss/Manchu face shows itself on V: Seconds into Fiend and you’ll feel the warm desert wind on your skin, as the song’s dusty, bass driven groove kicks in, while The 1 comes out swinging with a mean, fat ol’ riff which reeks of gasoline. Hawkshaw is also excellent, boasting a turbo-charged chorus that lifts it into the stratosphere.

At just seven songs, though, we’re left wanting more – especially when it comes to those exciting, bottom-heavy ass-kickers this band so ably dish out.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 6.5/10 One For The Road