@Newcastle Northumbria Students’ Union, October 22 2016

Sometimes you don’t realise how good a band are until you see them live, and after their masterclass in Newcastle on Saturday it became clear that Band of Skulls should be considered one of the best British rock exports around today.

The band from Southampton could also make a case for being the nicest group to entertain Geordies this year but that didn’t distract from the pure rock ‘n roll that was served up by the trio.

By packing an impressive 19 songs into an hour and a half, Band of Skulls took the audience on a whirlwind ride through their best tunes. Lead singer Russell Marsden is the master of the riff and there was plenty to keep the air guitar virtuosos entertained.

Band of Skulls Newcastle Gig Review

The crowd took some time to warm up but You’re Not Pretty But You Got It Going On, Patterns, Sweet Sour and I Feel Like 10 Men, Nine Dead And One Dying worked the lead out of their boots and by the encore (I Know What I Am and Asleep At The Wheel) the whole place was bouncing.

This tour might be in support of their new album By Default but the band didn’t play tracks from their new record just for the sake of it. They stuck to the real crowd pleasers at the expense of earning a little bit more free exposure and that’s the mark of a group who care more about the audience’s experience than their wallets.

Band of Skulls Newcastle Gig Review

The crystal clear sound that the venue engineered went a long way to enhancing the little flips and tricks that Band of Skulls often employ in the background of their songs. But the main thrust of the night was also going to be how Marsden and bassist Emma Richardson handle their infectious, raucous and hooking riffs.

Don’t rate the Band of Skulls that highly? Go along to one of their shows and be prepared to have your mind blown.

Photo credit: India Fleming. Facebook / Twitter / Instagram