Black Aces – Shot In The Dark (Bad Reputation)

Genre: Classic Rock

How many more AC/DC-alikes can the world handle? Plenty as far as RUSHONROCK‘s concerned!

Not content with unleashing Airbourne, Massive and Tequila Mockingbyrd, the party rock people of Oz have sent Black Aces on a mission to make mullets sway and ears bleed.

Draped in denim and layers of leather, this fun-loving four piece keep it simple and play it loud. And why not? It never did any of their fellow countrymen any harm.

There’s a familiar swagger and a sense of glorious freedom underpinning beer-soaked anthems Burning Up The Highway, Rough Touch and Shot In The Dark. It’s been done before (and some might say done to death) but if Aussie Rock’s your bag then few do it better than the brilliant Black Aces.

Joining Massive and Tequila Mockingbyrd on the road this month is unlikely to do the quartet’s burgeoning reputation for high octane rock and roll any harm but it’s in the live arena where they’ll prove their worth. Expect Black Aces to rise to the challenge.