Trade Wind – You Make Everything Disappear (Equal Vision Records)

Genre – Alt Rock

No term sends a shudder down the spine of rock fans faster than the dreaded ‘super group’, and for good reason. Very few release anything of any real substance.

This time round it’s members of Structures, Stray from the Path and Stick to Your Guns who have formed to try and ‘create something different’. And boy, have they achieved it!

Bringing their experience and individual talents to the table, the riff heavy band has created an explosive blend of rock and roll with cleverly arranged, deliberately underwhelming vocals that bring the album to life.

Over the years, love and music have become so intertwined that few albums skip over the subject, and like many before it, this one has a heavy focus on heart break, with tracks like I Miss You So Much and Lowest Form offering a deep insight into the soul of the band.

While a broken heart may make for some great music, the musicianship attached is quite simply sublime. From the heavy riffs and powerful drum patterns on tracks like I Hope I don’t Wake Up to Spanish style finger picking and a soulful percussion section on Radio Songs, this eight track LP offers such diversity that it draws the listener in and takes them on an ever changing journey.

Lyrically speaking, You Make Everything Disappear is much darker than anything any of these artists have produced during their time in Trade Wind, or in their other bands, and having spoke of the work that went into the writing, recording and production of this album, Trade Wind can be extremely proud of the end result.

Whether you’re a heavy metal, hard rock, classic rock or alternative fan, this is one that will definitely get your attention. With such a wide variety of instruments on display here, combined with such deep, personal lyrics, this is an album that people will relate to and to top it all off, it is extremely easy to listen to.

RUSHONROCK RATED – 10/10 Straight From The Soul