@Newcastle O2 Academy 2, May 9 2016

Since their formation in 2008, Cambridge based five-piece The Treatment have gone from strength to strength – even if hard rock is supposedly ‘dead’.

And their opening act on the current run of UK dates ain’t half bad either.

All-female, Scottish hard rock trio The Amorettes joined The Treatment on tour two weeks ago and the main men could not have chosen a more perfect support act.

With powerful riffs, hard hitting drums and screeching vocals much in tune with Vince Neil in the Crue’s heyday, the girls owned the stage and gave the threadbare, Monday night crowd the kick up the arse they required before the main act took to the stage.

2016 saw The Treatment release their third studio album, Generation Me, to rave reviews. Its an album that is filled with glam rock style racing guitars, big vocals and raw rock and roll enthusiasm – all of which they brought to the stage in Newcastle.

Disaster struck early in their set as Mitchel Emms’ mic stopped working and needed replacing. Emms, completely unfazed, took the opportunity to add a bit of charisma to the show as he acted out a silent joke and reduced the crowd to fits of laughter, as the poor sound man desperately scampered around the stage to replace the mic.

With the technical glitch fixed, the guys continued at pace – playing crowd favourites such as Generation Me, Runaway Train and Running With The Dogs.

Despite a couple of line-up changes last year, The Treatment look tighter than ever on stage, with Emms and Tagore Grey showing particular chemistry in a show that echoed the energy and enthusiasm of their recordings.

Over the course of their three studio albums, The Treatment have lifted the best parts of 80s hard rock with the likes of Motley Crue, Kiss, Bon Jovi and Twisted Sister all shining through. This has made for some great tracks but there is a degree of repetitiveness on stage that could be broken up by interchanging tracks with some slower numbers.

That minor gripe aside, this was a faultless show from one of the most entertaining hard rock bands on the scene – and one that is doing everything in their power to ensure rock fans still have something to get excited about in 2016!

Adam Keys