@Newcastle Think Tank, April 21 2016

There are merits to building brand awareness as a band, but there are also limits too – and Saint[The]Sinner pushed those limits.

The decision to put two banners up that effectively blocked off half the stage in one of the smallest venues in Newcastle was questionable but it didn’t matter. This is a group primed for success, from the unified dress code to the on-message armband – they must be a publicist’s dream: the English answer to their slick American counterparts.

Saint[The]Sinner deliver a big sound and are aided in their cause by the fact they have six band members and two singers. The clean vocals are delivered by James Patrick who effectively acts as an MC too, and a more engaged crowed would have lapped it up.

However, as is sadly the case around Newcastle, a band that deserved a much bigger crowd (and arguably better) audience was left trying to flog some life into a mildly interested gathering: the people sat at the back throughout the whole set didn’t help.

Despite the cramped stage, the British post-hardcore mob flawlessly moved through their set without entangling themselves in each other and excellently delivered songs like Left for Dead, She’s A Vampire and the anthemic Theatre Of Broken Dreams from their new album Masquerades.

It’s always going to be hard graft as a support act, but Saint[The]Sinner took to their work with loads of energy, ability and the type of pent up anger it takes to make it. Next time they’re in town, go along – but at least get off the seats at the back first.

Russell Hughes