Broken Witt Rebels – Georgia Pine EP (Self Released)

Genre: Alt Rock/Roots Rock

Bluesy enough to titillate the odd Joe Bonamassa nut, fusing elements of country that could easily attract The Cadillac Three crowd and retaining enough of a modern edge to bring Black Keys fans into the fold, Broken Witt Rebels appear to have it all.

This five-track EP is so rich in potential and so full of promise it’ll have you wishing away the weeks and months before the band’s much anticipated full length debut long player is released.

Rooted in authentic blues but delivered with a bullish, youthful edge, tunes like lead single Low and the immersive title track don’t sound like the product of a Brummie quartet.

That Broken Witt Rebels have honed their craft in the West Midlands, rather than the Deep South, is genuinely remarkable. But get over the disbelief and the reality kicks in: this is quality rock that transcends any perceived generation gap.

Closing with the gutsy Guns, the Georgia Pine EP offers further proof that something very special is happening within the UK rock scene right now. Give Broken Witt Rebels a shot. Or just give up.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 8/10 Rebels Yell