Voivod – Post Society (Century Media)

Genre: Metal

Bridging the gap between 2013’s Target Earth and a new album (scheduled for later this year) Post Society is a welcome reminder of this Quebec act’s creative prowess.

The EP boasts tracks culled from the band’s recent splits with Napalm Death and At The Gates, plus new material and a fine cover of Hawkwind’s Silver Machine, and while there’s only five songs on show, Post Society is worth getting your mitts on.

Why? Take the title track, for instance; it’s a hard-driving, catchy slice of prime Voivod, with those left-field riffs appearing out of nowhere to catch you off guard, yet somehow making perfect sense. Fall, meanwhile, has an almost jam-room vibe, but you know every twist and turn has been meticulously planned. It’s an intriguing piece of work, in the finest traditions of Voivod.

Then there’s Silver Machine, which takes the space rock boogie of the original and gives it a harder edge, while still retaining the spirit of Hawkwind at its heart – no mean feat, it has to be said.

Put simply, If Post Society is a hint of shape of things to come, then 2016 should be a vintage year for Canada’s finest musical adventurers. More of the same soon please guys…

RUSHONROCK RATED: 8/10 After Earth