The Treatment – Generation Me (Frontiers)

Genre: Hard Rock

It may be a tad too early to describe this as make or break time for The Treatment but their day of reckoning must be close. Touted as British rock’s next big thing – only to be dogged by line-up changes and curtailed momentum – it’s safe to say Generation Me¬†marks a critical phase in the band’s brief but brilliant career.

New members Mitchell Emms (vocals) and Tao Grey (guitar) fit The Treatment mould to a tee: brash, bullish and boasting bundles of energy. The duo are more than capable of taking the quintet to the next level and don’t fluff their lines on Generation Me‘s standout moments.

The AC/DC-infused riffage and chorus-driven heavy rock has survived 2015’s period of transition with Emms and Gray sticking like glue to The Treatment’s tried and tested blueprint for ballsy British rock. In fact nothing has changed – and that might be the problem.

There’s something to be said for consistency but familiarity can breed contempt. And it remains to be seen whether fans feel pounding anthems like The Devil, Cry Tough and Bloodsucker offer enough evidence of a band evolving – or suggest The Treatment have hit their creative plateau.

The jury is out and perhaps it’s live where this band’s reputation should be laid bare. Generation Me doesn’t match the best of British in 2016 – Inglorious’s debut and Toseland’s new record are superior in many respects – but it’s still a bloody good shot of homegrown passion.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 8/10 Generation Game