Seaway – Colour Blind (Pure Noise Records)

Genre: Pop punk

Canadian pop punkers Seaway are back with their third full length album Colour Blind, and by their own admission they aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel – just give it a push along the road.

If bands like Knuckle Puck and Neck Deep hadn’t convinced you that pop punk was being pushed down the road at breakneck speed, Colour Blind will be the final piece of evidence you need to come to that judgement.

The genre has an incredible knack of staying relevant – after all, there will always be heartbroken teenagers looking for solace in songs and Seaway wear this with a badge of honour.

Best Mistake is a typical love gone so wrong it’s right type song, while Trick follows it up with roaring guitar riffs and an infectious chorus line.

Colour Blind is an incredible polished, professional body of work – and one that you wouldn’t be able to produce if you weren’t 100% sure of your identity as a band.

While this album doesn’t reinvent the genre, that’s fine – that wasn’t the ambition of the band. As stated, Seaway just want to advance it down the road.

There are no genre bending moments to Colour Blind but it’s an album that will be well received by pop punk faithful the world over.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 8/10 The Wheel Keeps Turning