@ Newcastle Rehearsal Rooms, October 21 2015

This is a band that has played Download Festival and Hevy Fest, but for probably the last time and for one night only, Press To MECO played a gig in a space the size of your living room.

Presumably the result of a mad scramble to find a gig venue after canceling their original Newcastle date, the Rehearsal Rooms is normally a space for bands to practise – and delivered the intimate atmosphere that you’ll never be able to experience again with this band.

Think of the music video for Enter Shikari’s Sorry You’re Not A Winner and you’ll come close to understanding the size of the venue. Never mind not having enough room to swing a cat, drummer Lewis Williams barely had enough space to swing his drum sticks. Press To MECO are well known for their energetic shows and while they couldn’t get that going in the Rehearsal Rooms, it was clear that Luke Caley and Adam Roffey were itching to break into action.

Pleasantries with the crowd out of the way, the three piece launched into their set. With only one album and an EP out, there wasn’t a huge amount of material to chose from – but that added to familiar, close-up atmosphere.

In a place so small, there was a real danger of the music being too loud and of the volume being turned up just for the sake of noise. But Press To MECO judged it perfectly – something that is vital considering the technical, semi-distorted noise they produce.

Within their set were crowd pleasers Honesty, Family Ties, Autopsy and closing song Affinity – all razor sharp, energetic and loud. But more than the sound is the band’s ability to connect with the audience, to share a social experience and, most importantly, to create a fun environment for those watching a live gig.

When you have the balls to perform a cover version of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star you know you’re at home and at ease on the stage.

They won’t be at venues like this ever again so catch them while you can.