Terror – The 25th Hour (Century Media)

Genre: Hardcore

Since their birth in 2002, LA-based Terror have been flying the flag for high octane, riot-starting hardcore… and they’ve been a prolific bunch, with five albums under their belts up to this month.  However, they don’t sacrifice quality for quantity, as The 25th Hour proves.

Sure, their heavy take on Sick Of It All, Madball et al isn’t exactly filled with subtlety or moments of musical whimsy… but when it comes to writing stomping pit anthems and exhilarating calls to arms, Terror are among the best in contemporary hardcore.

Blinded By The Lights (this record’s lengthiest tune, at an epic two and a half minutes) is among the quintet’s best work to date, a live anthem in the making which bursts with raw punk spirit.

Deep Rooted, meanwhile is a passionate love letter to the HC scene, with Scott Vogel’s lyrics delivered straight from the heart – it’s a song which will resonate with many of his fans.

And in the emotionally-charged Both Of You, Vogel pours himself into a tale of his family relationships. It’s not an easy listen and it’s not meant to be.

Put simply, this is hardcore made by men, not boys and an album which puts Terror up there with the genre’s greats. The hour is upon us. Richard Holmes

RUSHONROCK RATED: 8.5/10 Age of terror