We Are Carnivores – Tex-Mexiconomy (Self Released)

Genre: Alt/Math Rock

More like a Dickensian take on modern society than an EP, Tex-Mixiconomy takes a pop at all comers throughout its six songs.

T.O.W.I.C.S tackles reality TV and the preening, binge drinking idiocy of Geordie Shore and TOWIE, while Are We Just Allowed To Live is We Are Carnivores’ attack on austerity and a government for business and the rich.

Alt/Math Rock is enjoying a rise at the moment with bands like Press To Meco and Bellevue Days, and the distorted harmonies and aggressive guitar on this album will only serve to enhance the genre’s reputation.

The fact We Are Carnivores tackles such a complex sound with such ease is a great testimony to their skill level as a band. Keep an eye out for the LP – it should be a belter. Russell Hughes

RUSHONROCK Rated: 10/10 Eating Up The Competition