Down N Outz 2014The Down N Outz are bringing Ian Hunter’s glory days back to life across the UK this month.

And guitarist Paul Guerin is bringing RUSHONROCK readers  bang up to date with life on the road as he reprises his role as our favourite diarist.

Back by popular demand after delighting our readers with tales of the Quireboys’ US tour, Blyth’s finest is bang in form.

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It was the day of the Newcastle show and a gig I’d been looking forward to for some time.

As per usual our crew have to go the venue early to set the equipment up and basically do everything that is necessary to make the show happen this evening.

I don’t really think people really grasp how much hard work goes on behind the scenes to get this show on the road so I want to show big respect and say thank you to our amazing crew…Sinead Madden (tour manager), Ronan McHugh (sound technician), David Wolff (back line tech),  Anto Byrne (back line tech/ driver) and not forgetting Patricia Guerin (merch).

All these guys, apart from Patricia, are Def Leppard crew so you know they are the cream of the crop and they sure do make our lives a hell of a lot easier.

Newcastle Riverside is a great venue set on the banks of the river Tyne in the shadow of the mighty Tyne Bridge. It’s a terrific setting and a homecoming gig for me.

Normally I would nip out and see friends before the show but I was having real problems with my broken finger. I thought it best just to stay out of the way and spend a few hours warming up. I’m pleased I did as it really helped when we hit the stage.

The Geordie crowd were well up for it so I knew it was gonna be a party. The set went well and Joe’s banter with the crowd was mighty. The highlight of the gig every night for me is when Sinead Madden joins us onstage to play violin on Violence (she played on the album too). Sinead whips up a storm and then were off – back on for England Rocks and Good Times then it was away upstairs with some friends and family for a few bevies…good times indeed!