down n outz band pic_1He’s back by popular demand and bound to raise a chuckle – Paul Guerin has returned to diary duties as the Down N Outz head out on their UK headline tour.

Doubling up as a Quireboy – with DnO band mates Keith Weir and Guy Griffin – Paul penned a series of fascinating pieces during his time touring the USA this summer.

And as a busy 2014 draws to a close he’s back to bring RUSHONROCK readers more exclusive insights from life on the road. 





The Quireboys’ 2014 Black Eyed Sons world tour finally wound down on a breezy Sunday night in Bristol Thekla – after we visited many, many countries, travelled tens of thousands of miles, made countless flights and played to thousands of happy punters.

Well, at least we would get a rest now…oh, hang on, no we won’t!

At 9.30am Monday morning we were loading into Factory Studios in Bristol ready to start Down N Outz rehearsals…no rest for the wicked as they say!

Share Ross landed at Heathrow at 8.45am so it was gonna be a long day for her – Wolfie and Anto (Def Leppard techs) were picking her up and Joe was driving over from Dublin with Sinead Madden (production manager and amazing violin player).

We finally got round to playing early evening and the band was instantly on fire – you would think Share had been playing with us for years. This gig was always about doing your homework and being ready to go: everyone had and they were!

We had four days in the studio and it was a blast (even though a few members of the band are down with the flu) – only taking time out to sign and sort out our pretty amazing merchandise.

We have a set of 18 songs and it’s a belter (no Def Leppard or Quireboys so please don’t be shouting out for them).

The first show’s at Bristol Bierkeller tonight. Trish, my wife, will be selling the merch on the tour and I do believe she may be sporting the famous Booty Reuben’s hat…watch this space.

Blyth Spartans’ match on the telly before we go on so let’s hope we win ha ha!!


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