quireboys us tour poster final 600pxAll this month Quireboys‘ guitarist Paul Guerin will be providing RUSHONROCK readers with an exclusive insight into life on the road with the ultimate rock n roll heroes.

With the band swapping Denver for Illinois it’s non-stop road action for a band traversing North America to celebrate 30 years at the top.

Look out for more from PG very soon. 



Los Angeles was buzzing – busy busy busy! I wonder where everyone is going and what their day will bring them. It always reminds me of the movie Two-Minute Warning staring Jack Klugman – check it out, it’s a cracker.

Outrageous excess baggage paid and we were off on United (rip-off) Airlines to Denver, Colorado. The flight wasn’t as bumpy as I expected considering we were flying across the desert…all good. We were met at the airport by our tour manager Dom who had flown in from England then driven from Dallas (a canny hike). Then it was a short drive to Golden.

The Buffalo Rose was everything you want from an American bar/venue with all the rock n roll paraphernalia, neon beer signs, Harley Davidsons roaring into the parking lot, blazing sunshine, friendly waitresses and the Coors brewery bang next door.

The venue was a large room peppered with paintings of all the classic rock icons – most who had died at the age of 27 – and the stage was nice and big so I was happy. And when I saw the Marshall backline being wheeled in I was super happy!

Showtime and on we went to a to a big old crowd of people who wanted to party singing their hearts out to the old, the new, the borrowed and Blue. Spike’s mic stand got a little to close for comfort but I got through the show without any rock injuries and then it was time to head to the hotel to catch what little sleep we could before our mammoth drive to Chicago.

Big thank you to Anthony the promoter who looked after us so well. See you all soon…


* The Quireboys’ new album Black Eyed Sons is out now!

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