donwload 2014It’s that time of the year when we turn the spotlight on the bands you simply can’t afford to miss at this year’s typically eclectic 2014 Download Festival.

As usual RUSHONROCK will be on site for the full three days bringing you the very best news and reviews from the UK’s biggest and best rock and metal fest.

And to get you in the mood we’ll be pointing you in the direction of the cream of the crop – with hair metal heroes and main stagers Winger next up. 


Band: Winger

When: Sunday June 15 11.55-12.25

Where: Main Stage

Who: Darlings of the US hair metal scene with made for MTV power ballads, flowing locks and striking good looks, Winger could have been huge. Headed For A Heartbreak and Miles Away both crashed the US Top 20 and the band’s first two albums went platinum back home – before grunge signalled the death knell for all things melodic.

Why: A much better band than their battered reputation would have you believe. Boasting the multi-talented Kip Winger and Whitesnake guitarist Reb Beach in their ranks the band employ a bluesier, ballsier sound in 2014 with new album Better Days Comin’ a sparkling return to form.

Listen out for: Seventeen from 1988’s Winger – the band’s first UK top 40 hit.

Fact or fiction? MTV cartoon buffoons Beavis And Butthead are credited with destroying Winger’s early career after sending them up as the epitome of hair metal pretty boys on their hugely popular early 90s show.

What we said: ‘Can’t Get Enuff, Miles Away and Easy Come Easy Go became huge hair metal anthems 20 years ago as Kip and his buddies toured their second album for 13 months alongside the likes of Kiss, Scorpions, ZZ Top and Extreme. Steel Panther might make a living out of sending up bands like Winger but the originals are the best.’ Review from March 2010 Newcastle O2 Academy show.