Letlive_Press_JW_554@ Newcastle Think Tank, October 7 2013

It takes a number of different variables to come together to create a gig that you will never forget. Many gigs come close but very rarely does everything go together so seamlessly that you come away with a truly priceless gigging experience.

letlive.’s show in the Think Tank was one of these special occasions. The band came onstage to a roar of passion from what can only be described as a die-hard set of followers, whose commitment never faded throughout the show. 

From the word go every member of the audience screamed the lyrics back at the band, with frontman Jason Aalon Butler actively encouraging fans to get onstage and take to the mic, even moshing with them at times.

This bond with his audience was a really beautiful sight to behold, with everyone in the audience being dragged right in and feeling everything that was happening onstage.

While the frontman must take a lot of credit for creating this truly unique atmosphere, it must be said that the venue’s security must also be praised for letting it happen and not being too heavy handed.

Throughout the show there was only one point when security had to intervene and even then it passed without any hassle. Had this show been in a venue like the O2 Academy, we could very easily have seen a repeat of February’s disastrous Your Demise show.

Due to this laid back security, the band were allowed to fully express themselves, putting their heart and soul into their performance, pouring out buckets of sweat into a venue that was at sauna-like temperatures before the set started.

Every member of the band give it their all from start to finish, bar the rhythm guitarist who looked disinterested throughout the show – almost as if he was more concerned with looking cool that putting on a show.

This really was a gig that everyone present will remember for a long, long time and proved, as Butler said at the end of the show, “punk rock is still alive in Newcastle!”

Adam Keys