Reading_Festival_2013_lineupWhen festival season comes round it gives music fans the perfect opportunity to explore new bands they’ve never come across. But what they really want is the big names that are going to blow them away.

And while there will be plenty of first time Reading And Leeds festival goers who have never heard of Nine Inch Nails, you can still be sure that the core fans will not dare to miss what is sure to be one of the treats of the summer.

Having gone five years without releasing any new material, Clevelend born genius Trent Reznor has rolled up his sleeves and finally made a new album. And with their genre chopping style and seizure inducing light shows, Nine Inch Nails are sure to blow you away. 






Band: Nine Inch Nails

Where: Main Stage

When: Sunday August 25 (Leeds August 23)

Who: An industrial rock revolution, led by one-man visionary Trent Reznor and his touring contingent.

Why: How many people can say they’ve had one of their songs covered by one of the true all-time greats, Mr Johnny Cash?

What: The pick of this year’s hotly anticipated Hesitation Marks, combined with the hits from a phenomenal back catalogue spanning more than 20 years.

Wait for: Hurt

Watch out for: A powerful, moving performance driven by a breathtaking light show.