Reading_Festival_2013_lineupThis summer we’ve been treated to one of the longest heatwaves for years and with a bit of luck it will carry through to Reading/Leeds 2013.

As you crawl out of your tent, one of two ways, hung-over and miserable or still drunk from the night before, there are two things you need: another drink and some jump around, energetic music.

Skindred always provide the latter with the genre-defying Welsh band a must-see at any rock festival. 








Band: Skindred

When: Friday August 23 (Leeds August 24)

Where: Main Stage

Who: Welsh five-piece lead by Benji Webbe, mixing punk, heavy metal and alternative rock with reggae, drum and bass, ska and hip hop. A truly delicious combination.

Why: Appearing early in the day, this band will bring an energy that will get your blood pumping and ready to rock for the rest of the weekend.

What: The best of 2013’s Kill The Power, combined with choicest cuts from Union Black and Roots Rock Riot.

Wait for: Warning

Watch out for: Genre defying brilliance that will confirm the rumour that the Welsh really can rock out.