Reading_Festival_2013_lineupFestivals are the pinnacle of the year for music fans and bands alike with the stage and time slot providing a clear indication of how well you’ve performed over the last few years.

Reading/Leeds is no different and today we continue our preview of the summer’s last big rock bash.

And who better to headline a festival than one of the hardest working, most humble trio of Celts around today?

Biffy Clyro bring a distinctly Scottish feel to rock, with frontman Simon Neil possessing that rare gift of knowing just how much pop can pique mainstream interest without ever alienating his band’s core fans. 






Band: Biffy Clyro

When: Sunday August 26 (Leeds August 24)

Where: Main Stage

Who: Scottish rock trio bringing a distinctive Celtic feel

Why: Biffy are a band that truly do put blood, sweat and tears into every performance and after years of slogging away have finally got themselves to the top of the pile this year.

What: The pick of the hugely risky, but extremely successful double album Opposites combined with the best of their career changing Only Revolutions – so come down and throw yourself head first into a Biffy-inspired mosh pit.

Watch out for: Three tattooed, topless Scotts with their feet firmly on the ground.

Wait for: The Captain and God And Satan