FVK 2013 newDownload-bound Fearless Vampire Killers will work alongside one of gothic metal’s modern greats on the follow-up to critically acclaimed debut Militia Of The Lost.

Aiden frontman William Control will be at the helm in the role of producer as one of Britain’s fastest rising bands looks to maintain its momentum into 2014. 

“I am so very pleased to have been asked to work on this record,” said William Control. “I only get involved in projects that I am truly excited about and I have to be inspired by the artist or band I’m working with.

“My goal is to help Fearless Vampire Killers create an album that people care about, that people can relate with and, most importantly, that boys and girls across the globe can sing along to.”

Having spent the past few months holed up in the wilds of Suffolk writing new material, RUSHONROCK-approved Fearless Vampire Killers will head over to the US later next month to begin the recording process at Wil’s new studio in his hometown of Seattle.

Kier Kemp revealed: “The writing process is very new this time. We’ve really been getting absorbed in it – each band member has been very involved!

“This will be the second, more insane instalment in the Grandomina story. This album is going to be FVK turned up to 11, smashing your (back) doors in and filling you full of magic. It’s going to be like Disney meets Coheed and Cambria!”

William Control added: “We are going to make the best fucking album anyone has ever heard. By this time next year, Fearless Vampire Killers will be a household name. You better jump on the wagon or get left in the dust.”