OPM dotd@ Newcastle Trillians, May 22 2013

With the average age of an expectant crowd around the early 20s mark, this was a truly nostalgic experience. For this age group of fans, Heaven Is A Halfpipe was an anthem of their childhood so the chance to see OPM in the flesh was something not to be missed. 

Despite Trillians’ notorious sound problems, the LA reggae rockers powered through, producing a feelgood set and showing that they are more than a ‘one hit wonder’ band.

Despite having a solid catalogue of tunes the band felt the need to throw in three covers – all of which went down well. Although the songs were well received the decision did, however, reinforce the view of those who only know them for the one song that OPM don’t have enough quality, original material to fill a headline set.

While the move to introduce covers may have been a questionable move, it did allow the band to get their laid back, fun loving personalities across to the crowd – especially with their cover of Afroman’s stoner anthem Because I Got High.

When the moment everyone was waiting for arrived it did not disappoint. Everyone present screamed out every word of Heaven Is A Halfpipe as they were swept back to 2001 by one of the most truly unique skater anthems ever written.

While some bands will forever curse the one hit wonder label, OPM are a band who have embraced it wholeheartedly, realising that that one song is always going to be bigger than the band as a whole.

Adam Keys