Bowling For Soup remain one of the best-loved pop punk bands on the planet and regular trips to the UK have helped to strengthen the bond between the wacky Americans and British audiences.

A highlight of the recent Vans Warped Tour UK shows, the crazy Texans have never been in better shape.

RUSHONROCK‘s Russell Hughes spoke exclusively to the band – and discovered BFS’s dream bill. But will it happen? 



rushonrock: Do you feel that bands that have a great sense of humour, such as yourself and Steel Panther, get taken less seriously as musicians?

Bowling For Soup: You know, I think there is some of that but if people actually listen to the albums there’s a very serious side to it also. I love the fact that we are able to do both. It’s like, we learned that initially from the Descendants. You can have songs about farts and they literally have songs about farts. But then there are songs like Clean Sheets that is a really serious song about being cheated on. I think it’s cool that we are able to pull off that comedy but I think sometimes that, yeah, people maybe take it less seriously but they aren’t paying attention to the whole picture. Every once in a while you’ll get a review that says something to that effect. Bbut it’s like you didn’t listen to the whole album so you don’t know what you’re talking about!

rushonrock: You’ve released a joint album with Patent Pending and The Dollyrots – is that something that you’ve wanted to do for a while and how happy are you that it has finally happened?

BFS: That was great because it was just kinda a pipe dream at first. Once we got everyone nailed down for this tour it was like, alright, we’ve got to do this album. We did a test run before. We did a split seven inch with the The Dollyrots a little while ago where they did two of our songs and we did two of their songs. That was really the idea that brought us into doing this album and it turned out amazing. We were so happy and we got it all done and wrapped up very very quickly.

rushonrock: Why was it such a fast process?

BFS: Everybody really really busted their asses! Normally you can’t record songs in June and then have the album out in September. It doesn’t happen that way. But when you own your own record label you can kinda push things through!

rushonrock: Is there anyone else that you would like to work with?

BFS: Well, just as far as touring is concerned I’d love to see a Bowling for Soup, Green Day and Foo Fighters tour. That would be awesome!

rushonrock: You’ve toured a lot of the world a few times over –  is there a specific city that you love the most?

BFS: Not to criticise any cities at all – because I know how territorial people are over here of their city – but we consider Manchester our hometown show. Just because from the beginning that was the first headline show we sold out, the tickets there always sell faster and we have a very special connection with that city.

rushonrock: How come Manchester warmed to you so soon?

BFS: I don’t know how that happened but from day one that’s been a really great place for us. Several years ago we did a live DVD and our idea was to do it in Manchester but we didn’t think it would happen. But three days before the show we get the call that we can make it happen. So we’re on the road scrambling to get the people together that we want to record it. Our management got the film crew in, but we want the people that we need to record the audience, and got everyone here to do it in three days!

rushonrock: Do you find there to be a difference in atmosphere at smaller venues like Academies as opposed to an arena show?

BFS: It’s apples and oranges. They’re both very special. You get to play an arena or the main stage at Download – it’s not, well I don’t want to say overwhelming but, after the experience, when you watch the tapes or see photos, it’s like ‘oh my God that was huge’. You can’t concentrate on the vastness of the whole thing, so you’re playing to the people you can only see, while at the same time, the eruption of the giant party like that is really amazing. Playing a smaller venue, I guess because it’s enclosed a little bit, things can get more intense. You just can’t compare the two. I love them both.