Self Made Man returns with the only tip you need to know on Grand National day…

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It’s around noon on Saturday morning and in a few hours’ time, this column could look very stupid indeed.
Alternatively, hopefully, you’ll all be so impressed that I’ll be inundated with requests for racing tips or even lottery numbers.
For it’s Grand National day and for the first time ever, I’m picking a horse because of its name.
Two pounds each-way on Deep Purple at 100-1 ante-post.
I’ve also picked another two horses using a slightly more scientific method and in truth I’m a lot more hopeful about their prospects. (To spare myself any further embarrassment, I will not divulge their names.)
Deep Purple fell on its last outing and has never excelled at the Grand National distance. Had it been called Misty Blue, Shiny Red or Light Green, I would never have backed it.
But it’s called Deep Purple, the name of one of my favourite bands so I had to.
Just imagine, I said to myself, if  it wins, or even comes in the top four and I’d ignored its claims, I’d never have forgiven myself.
Actually, the omens are promising.  Yesterday, Finian’s Rainbow won at Aintree and it is Richie Blackmore’s birthday so maybe the racing gods are smiling on all things Blackmore-ish. Or perhaps not.
I can’t ever recall a racehorse been named after one of my favourite bands. I’m not an avid follower of the turf, restricting my bets to major meetings like Cheltenham, Royal Ascot, Newmarket or the Grand National festival at Liverpool.
There’s never been a Led Zeppelin, an Aerosmith, a Rush, , a UFO, a Whitesnake, a Neil Young, an REM or, heaven forbid, an AC/DC.
A couple of decades ago, there was a horse called Floyd but the reason I bet on that animal was nothing to do with Pink Floyd but because it’s pedigree and form were so impressive, it was crying out to be backed.
Indeed, to turn everything on its head, I’d probably still have put a bet on it had it been called Showaddywaddy, Dizzee Rascal or The Nolan Sisters!
Floyd won me quite a bit of money, leaving me well and truly in the pink but generally sporting investments and rock music have never come together _ until now.
If, by some miracle, I am over £200 richer tonight and Deep Purple has crossed the finishing line first, then I’ll celebrate by blasting out some appropriate music by the band.
Burn, Fireball and Highway Star sound the perfect tracks to me.
Ian Murtagh