Swedish metal monsters Grand Magus will release new album The Hunt this spring after landing a new home for their trademark tunes.

The fist-pumpimg trio have moved lock, stock and smoking barrel to German label Nuclear Blast – the home of a slew of heavy metal legends.

Grand Magus star JB said: “We have finally found our hailing port – we’ve wrapped up a deal with the mighty heavy metal label Nuclear Blast. 

“Through this a new chapter will be opened, both in our band and in metal history.

“With The Hunt we will consequently keep on marching down the metallic path we’ve started to pursue over the course of the past years.

“Be prepared to be lined up in our sights from the end of May on when The Hunt will strike! Fuck the world!” Indeed. And while Grand Magus set about doing just that Nuclear Blast bigwig Andy Siry added: “We’re delighted to welcome Grand Magus to the family.

“These guys class among the best today’s heavy metal scene has to offer although Grand Magus are MUCH more than just that.

“Both live and on their albums Grand Magus are terrific – plus they indicate a continuous development. This is why we’re happy to turn over a new leaf in the history of band and our label.”