This time tomorrow rockers from across the country will be enjoying one final festival fling of the summer as Reading and Leeds 2011 gets into full swing.

For the past fortnight we’ve been focusing on the bands everyone’s talking about.

And to complete the set it’s time to introduce rising Scots rockers Twin Atlantic.

If you’re going to Leeds or Reading then get in touch and give us your verdict – either here or at the Rushonrock Facebook page or via Twitter @rushonrock. 

Band Name: Twin Atlantic

Date: Friday August 26 (Leeds)/Sunday August 28 (Reading)

Stage: Festival Republic Stage

Hit or miss: HIT – Lazily branded (maybe even by us, once upon a time) as Biffy-alikes these gung-ho Glaswegians are no dull imitators. With a youthful energy complementing a mature approach to intricate songwriting they could well be what the more knowledgeable Reading and Leeds regulars have been waiting for. With vast experience playing the clubs and bars of Britain TA have honed an intoxication and inventive live set. It’s time to bring their passion to a bigger stage and this weekend will win them plenty of fresh plaudits.

Craziest song title: Make A Beast Of Myself

Most bizarre band member name: Frontman Sam McTrusty sounds like some kind of Scottish comic character created to inspire the belief of his peers. Spookily that’s exactly what he does when you witness this bloke live.

Current album: Free (2011)

Future prospects: Where Twin Atlantic are concerned the only way is up. Raised on a diet of hard gigging and high expectations the Scots troupe won’t ever suffer from complacency and this lot don’t do ‘average’. Current album Free is a fantastic amalgam of indie rock and hard-nosed pop capable of engaging generations beyond the band’s typical late teen fanbase. Live they’re heavy enough to hold their own in the company of metal’s in-crowd but some of their jauntier recorded music wouldn’t sound out of place on Radio Two. And that must be a recipe for enduring success.